Marvell multifunctional Center

The Design Concept for Scheme 1 is our modern interpretation of a traditional Chinese Courtyard, Garden House, or Siheyuan.   Throughout Chinese History, the Siheyuan Composition formed the basic building pattern used as the basis of design for residences, palaces, temples, monasteries, family businesses and government offices.   

The four buildings of a Siheyuan are typically positioned along the North-South and East-West axes around a Central Courtyard.    Scheme 1 is composed of two buildings, each with two, L-shaped wings creating  a 21st Century Siheyuan around a central courtyard, situated along the North-South Axis.   Two atria and a series of cascading balconies form an internal frame for the Central Courtyard whilst creating a varied vertical garden landscape that functions like an open-air living room. 



The Design Concept for Scheme 2 deconstructs and reorganizes the basic components of a traditional Siheyuan across the site.  The North and South and one Side House have been transformed into tall, rectilinear office blocks.  The other Side House is re-imagined as a rectilinear, interconnecting Atrium, positioned perpendicular to the office blocks.   The one Central Courtyard of a traditional Siheyuan becomes a series of smaller, intimate courtyards in between the rectilinear blocks, bisected by a terraced,  interconnecting Atrium.