Quoros headquarters

Made in coopertation with MMoser Associates


In conceiving the external form of the Qoros Administration Building, we first studied the overall proposed development for the site.

The Administration Building is positioned in the center of the development between the General Assembly Building and the Body Shop.

The Administration Building rises above the long, low Manufacturing Buildings.

The main site vehicular access point.  We saw this as an excellent opportunity to bring the Qoros Branding Concepts to the building exterior to create a bold, highly visible, 3-Dimensional

We took the Q-Motion Line as inspiration and created a canopy that unifies the composition at Level 2. We sliced a diagonal atrium through the building to provide light and visual connectivity. The Showroom is located at the base of the Atrium.


Our design proposal for Qoros was further developed from the Inside-Out. Our exterior concept quickly evolved from an analysis of how the interiors might work between the two :
how people might enter and move through the spaces, what inter-connections were required, where certain spaces or functions were best situated, what functions or floors should
be shared. Our proposed design not only satisfies the immediate requirements of the brief, but also reflects our three decades of experience as leaders in modern workplace design and construction in Asia. Our detailed knowledge of workplace form and function form the basis of
our proposed architectural expressions.